22 May 2012

new books for the boys

Last week these came in the mail... the boys are so very thankful for the nice UPS people who love to bring us gifts. :)

We have really been enjoying all three of them. You might recognize the author, Munro Leaf, from his most famous writing, The Story of Ferdinand, which he wrote in 1936.

Boone keeps talking about the "Whiney's", and how they always have lumps in their throats and tears on their cheeks from whining and crying all the time. He sticks his arms inside his shirt sleeves so only his hands stick out and calls himself a "Me First". Me First's wore their arms off grabbing things, and wore their legs off from pushing past everyone first...

"No one wants to be friends with Whiney's and Me First's, mom! I'm not gonna do that."

I recommend any or all of these books if you want to have a fun read about manners with your kid(s). I don't like to get caught up in making sure my boys are the most well-behaved kids at the playground, because they will NEVER be the most well-behaved kids. And I am SO ok with that. I don't base my child's worth on whether or not he sits still at the table, forgets to say 'please and thank you', or takes his hat off in the company of a lady. My boys are boys... they are raw and wild and full of energy. But I do expect them to become gentlemen one day, and I think that begins on some level when they're little men. These books hold their attention and are a light and fun way to instill some basic knowledge of how to behave in life. 

Have any recommendations for other books on manners for kids? 
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Lucy McCracken said...

These books look like they will be awesome to read to my foster kiddos. I'll have to place them on my Amazon wishlist. I totally agree with what you said that it's good to start teaching them now so that when they're older they can act like gentlemen, even though like you I don't base their identity on what they do but on who they are. love your blog :) would love a visit when you can at www.findyoursparkle2.com

Lucy McCracken said...

oh and BTW would you like to swap buttons? that would be so great! HOpe you're having a great day!

Shannon said...

Those books look wonderful. I'd love to get these for my children. :)


Jenee C. said...

Oh I've seen these before. The illustrations are so whimsical. How do your boys like them?

xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

Dana @five30three said...

I keep seeing that "How to Behave and Why" book at Anthropologie and Land of Nod. I know some adults who can benefit from that too!!