08 May 2013

finny turns THREE

Oh Finny. 

You turned three.

We threw you a milk and cookies party. 
You were thrilled and so happy to have a "cookie birfday party".

A month after Tripp's party, a simple menu and color-scheme seemed ideal for a party.

With about 10 different varieties of cookie to choose from, there was plenty for everyone.

{Egg-free cookie dough bites}

{Egg-free cookie dough dip}

Take home baggies. And the pregnant one putting the milk out.

Homemade confetti for the table.

Skillet Cookie instead of a cake.

{Enter video of birthday boy blowing out his candles HERE- which I couldn't get to upload}

My dear son,

You light up our lives. There is just this undeniable quirkiness about you that makes you an instant hit with everyone you have contact with. You are funny, but not because you try to be. You are just you... and in being YOU, you make us giggle, shake our heads, imitate you, and our hearts swell with emotion. I love how you have your own place in our family; you've made your mark and both brothers love you. You are Boone's best friend, and Tripp's little buddy. You call me "Mama" and have taken to sneaking into my side of the bed every single night and snuggling till morning. I cherish your warm little body, your heavy breathing, and your arms dangled over my neck, for I know that it won't be this way forever. I love your constant secret that never changes as you whisper into our ears, "I wuv you" each night. I love your expressions, your scratchy skin, your bright blue eyes, your little accented voice, and your cuddly sweetness.

Three years.
I have loved every one of them.
And I love you so very much. 
Happy Birthday to one of my very best.

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Kara Kieran said...

I love this idea! Such a cute party!